Have you ever considered a career as a REALTOR? If so I'd love to tell you why I chose Keller Williams, the #1 selling firm in Carteret County, the U.S. and the world! That may make it sound like a big impersonal company. It's not. One of the big attractions at KW for me was how synergistic it is. Synergy: "The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substance or other agents to produce a combine effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."  At KW that's a reality. We're competitive but we know that by helping each other out we all have to potential to rise to the top. If you're ready to work hard, learn a LOT about yourself and other people, contact me with your questions. One last thing: Why do agents like me recruit? Because KW is a profit share company. You too can benefit from that in the future! - Maj-Britt